Larabar Half Marathon!

The morning after I returned from Seattle, I ran my first Half-Marathon! I was pretty intimidated because I've always only run mostly 5K and  (1) 10K races -shorter distances. But 30 days before the race, I decided to do it-ha. 

The typical training plan for a Half is a very methodical 12 weeks...well, I jumped in at week 8! I began upping my mileage on regular runs and getting a sense for my natural pacing during longer runs. It got to be pretty fun and relaxing to head out on a 7 mile run, instead of intimidating. I usually hit a point after 2-3 miles where I felt like I was on autopilot; this is a crazy feeling because running shorter distances, you really push as hard as you can through the race. Longer races, I'm discovering, allow for some freedom to just "cruise."
My only goal for this was to finish. I knew what pace I typically ran so I had a time in mind but honestly I just didn't want to have to walk. And I didn't have to! 

This was the first half marathon that Larabar has put on...so fun to be part of the inaugural one!

The sunrise that morning, as I waited for the shuttle to the start line, was gorgeous!

I felt pretty good on the run up until mile 10...so exciting! Miles 10-13.1 were where I found out what I was made of-ha. It was a weird thing to have to concentrate so hard on my stride and yet also try not to think about how heavy and tired my legs were. I kept telling myself, "The faster the pace, the quicker you get to the finish line." ha. It wasn't until I saw mile marker 13 that I actually believed I might finish the race without walking. It was amazing and I got this weird burst of energy to finish strong! So thankful!

Sister was so sweet to drive up to be at the finish line! Here I am, coming around the final curve.

So happy to be nearing the end!


I crossed the finish line and gave Sister a huge, sweaty hug-ha. So thankful for God's grace to accomplish this goal! 

And my legs started cramping almost immediately-ha. 

My amazing, supportive Sister!!
I am anxious to do another one soon; it felt great! For now, at least I can check that off the bucket list. :)


Seattle-Pike Place Market & The Eastside

Although it is hard to pick a single favorite place to be in Seattle, Pike Place Market is the winner!!As a lover of fresh flowers, this is the mecca. You simply can't top the experience you have here nor can you find bulging bouquets for the price you pay here; its the place to beat! When I lived in Seattle, I used to try to go down once a week to get a fresh bouquet for the house...at $5 a whack, it's affordable inspiration for your home. :)

I also had the chance to spend some time with Amy and Kyle, meeting their little one, Ethan, for the first time! It happened to be his first time to the market; lots to discover!

Ethan was enthralled with the cars driving down below...made for a cute picture!
We hung out on the eastside in Kirkland for a couple days, catching up and cooking!

bribing Ethan, with a ball, to smile for a picture-ha!
the gorgeous Kirkland water front!

Seattle-Visiting Sarah in Bremerton

One of my dear friends from Colorado is now living in Bremerton! I hopped the ferry to spend an evening with her and at dinner we were chuckling about how weird it was to be visiting HER up there when she used to come visit ME up there. ha! Since she spends a good chunk of each year in Africa, I was so thankful she was home so I could see her!

Ferries are such a fun experience! 
Nothing beats the feeling of heading out into open water. 
Soaking in the smell of the sea!

Dinner on the dock-a perfect evening!


gorgeous bridge in Bremerton.

The family she lives with has a deck with an amazing view!


Seattle - Around Town

I had some time, over the course of a couple days, to wander around my favorite neighborhoods soaking in the colors, the architecture and all the memories (I'm not sentimental or anything-ha!). One thing I love about Seattle is that it is such a sensory place to live: the colors, the smells, etc...there is inspiration around literally every corner.
It is an incredibly aesthetic city due to the copious amounts of rain I'm sure. Ironically, my entire trip was 80+ degree weather and sunshine-it was gorgeous!

Ravenna Gardens-UVillage
Trophy Cupcake-UVillage

One of my favorite houses at the end of my old block-Ballard
Old Ballard
Ballard Coffee Works
The Locks-Ballard

Meg and I just after finishing up at Portage Bay - Ballard

Old across-the-street neighbors; I so appreciate that they painted their house so cheerfully! - Ballard

Mickey's Candy Shoppe - Ballard

The textures in this space are GORGEOUS! - Ballard

Catch Boutique - Ballard

Lucca - Ballard

where the creative juices flow - Ballard

Vietnamese Pho is one of my very favorite things to eat-Ba Bar, Capitol Hill.
Love this girl-Laura!

The Ferris Wheel is such a great addition! - Downtown
sea industry - Downtown
Thank you, Seattle, for never failing to inspire me!