Croquet Party-Room and Board

Our boss, Anthony, moved into a new house a year ago and it has a GIANT backyard! We've been bugging him ever since to have us over for a party. He finally did it and we all convened in white (or not so white) attire for an end of summer croquet party! It was nice to just enjoy hanging out in a different context than work. Spouses or significant others came too!

I will just list the names because explaining who belongs to who will be way too confusing...ha.

{Barry and Kristy's husband (don't know his name!)}

{Kristy, Amy, Monika, Jen}

{Heather and I-Heather is our merchant...she doesn't lots of business analysis for me. I absolutely cannot do my job without her!}

{Daniele and Mark}

{Heather C and Mary}

{Sigg and Norm}

{Mark, Anthony and Suzanne}

{Nancy and Tricia}

{Kevin and Patrick}

{Brooke, Heather and I}

{Wayne and Tom}

{Felecia and Mary}

{Tom, Amy, Monika and Heather C}

{This is the incredible 4 layer lemon meringue cake that Daniele made! It was delicious!}

{Heidi, Aaron, Suzanne, Heather, Henry}

{Tom, Monika, Barry, Jupie, Wayne and I}

{Jen and I-Jen is our inventory manager. I absolutely could not do my job without her either! Heather, Jen and I work very closely together everyday regarding product in the showroom. Love them!}

{Jen, Felecia, and I}

{Heather C, Anthony, Brooke, Patrick, Heather, Tricia, Amy, Henry}

{Kevin, Kristy, Kristy's husband, Mark, Aaron, Heidi and Daniele}

{Monika, Martha's boyfriend, Martha and Tom}

We had a great summer night and a fun party!

Room and Board Denver Virtual Tour!

We got chosen about a month ago to be a test location for Google to come and create a virtual tour of our space. It's pretty great because that means I can share it with you! You can "come to my store" and have a look around.

There are little arrows you can click to walk through; or you can click and drag to get a spin around effect...it might be a little tricky to get the hang of, but I hope you give it a try!

Here is the link to the virtual tour:

Here is the link to the still shots:

They only did a virtual tour of the Main Floor and only a couple still shots of the Lower Floor. I am so excited to share this with you!
As you know, the rooms are always changing (sometimes weekly!) but this is a great taste of what I spend everyday working on! I love love love my job!

Nerd Alert!! Color Freak!!

Pretty much everyone knows how much I love color. I just do. It's amazing and I can't get enough of it. Well, a friend of mine posted a Color Acuity test to my Facebook page and I just had to share!

X-rite is the global leader in Color Science and Technology...they put this test together to see how well you can put colored tiles in order progressing from one color to another. It forces you to recognize each nuanced shade. So fun!!

Take it and share! Hope you have fun!

p.s. if it says you've "timed out" when you click on the link, just hit the refresh button!


Labor Day-Lake Dillon

Over Labor Day Weekend, I went with some friends up to Lake Dillon and Copper for a couple days! We started with the Copper Country Festival on Sunday afternoon. 

{Emily 1, Becky, Emily 2}

{Diana and Megan 2}

{First pumpkin beer of the season! Yum.}

{Megan 2, Becky, Megan 1}

{Diana and Emily 1}

{That's Kenny Rogers back there!}

Megan 2 has been wanting to rent a pontoon on Lake Dillon for a long time! We finally got the chance to do it and we had a gorgeous day. Lake Dillon is about 1 hr 40 minutes from Denver and it is a stunning place to spend a few days enjoying a huge lake, hiking all around, etc... It's quickly becoming one of my favorite places to 'get away'.

{Pretty wildflowers!}

{look at this darling dog on the bar stool. :)}

{Here's Megan 2 driving the pontoon!}

{The Emily's!}

The Lake Dillon Dog Competition was happening that day too! Howling contests, costume contests, etc..
{I've never seen so many darling Golden Retrievers!}


Maine-Whale Watching and Lobster!

Last Maine post! On Tuesday, we started the day with a last walk around Eagle Lake in Acadia. Really beautiful and 6 miles of carriage roads. What a beautiful way to start the day!

We went into Bar Harbor later that afternoon...saw these cute cottages!

horse drawn carriage!

Cousin David and his family had gone on a sunset whale watch earlier in the summer, so we took his advice and embarked on one ourselves!

They told us it would be 25 degrees colder on the water and they were right!

Sister got some much better pictures. I will post them soon, hopefully! But here's a teaser...

This is the flipper of a whale. They sometimes slap the water and it's called "flipper flapping"-no joke!

Gorgeous sunset on the way back in!

The New York Yacht Club was in town, so we passed some beautiful boats. 

It's been on my bucket list, to have a lobster dinner in Maine! Aunt JoAnne and Uncle Craig were so gracious to make that possible! It was amazing...very tasty (what wouldn't be with all that butter?!) and a fun (and slightly gross) deconstruction process. I definitely faced his eyeballs away from me when I pulled his legs off...ewww!

A huge "Thank you!" to Aunt JoAnne and Uncle Craig for being such wonderful hosts!