Updated Apartment Christmas Decorations.

Here are a few pictures of some small details that I added to make everything feel complete for Christmas in my apartment. My friend brought over a poinsettia which really finished off the hearth nicely...it needed something in that corner!

I found this glass angel on sale at Pottery Barn and loved the simplicity of it. Many of the Christmas messages I've heard this year have really highlighted the role that angels played in announcing the coming of Christ; what a wonderful reminder!

I decided to go a little more rustic in my bathroom and found this lovely painted wood Christmas plaque in my stash. A quick trip to Michaels to snag the wreath helped it all to come together.

I also stumbled onto this which happened to go perfectly with the black rustic Christmas sign above.

Last, I decided that my Christmas tree needed presents under it...so I wrapped a bunch of empty boxes. :)

I hope everyone is having a very merry Christmas! Next up, New Years!

Christmas Lights!

Not long ago, I met up with some new friends in Denver to enjoy the Trail of Lights at the Chatfield Botanic Gardens. It was absolutely crazy to think about how much work it was to string them all but it made for a very festive stroll in the cold December air. Pictures are a little hard to get but here are a few that came out ok!

loved this tree below!

rustic Christmas charm!


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Well, here it is!! This is my first year to decorate my apartment for Christmas. :) I have been storing up ideas on what to do and I am happy with how it turned out. A few little things to do but it feels very festive in here.

{This was my favorite thing to make: Glitter Reindeer! It was a simple as a canvas, Elmer's glue and glitter (I mixed gold and silver.). }

{I absolutely love this Christmas hymn and when I saw a similar idea in a more rustic application, I decided to put a modern twist on it! Lets just say, painting is not my calling in life but I made it through this with a few deep breaths and a commitment not to fail on the 'main attraction'-ha. Now, lest you be impressed at my skills, I must come clean by saying I printed out the words in different fonts and traced. I could never have done it otherwise...ha!}

 |i love a lot of things about this...the bright red and white palette is clean and bright, the mix of fonts with the fanciest one inscribing the most reverent word, and all the negative white space reminding me to create space in this Advent Season for the Savior.|

{These snow globes took about 3 minutes! Anthropologie sells some like this for a lot more money than these cost me. :) All supplies from Michaels: glass jars, bottlebrush trees, fake snow. Simply tape/hot glue the tree to the inside of the top, put snow in the jar part, screw the top back on (so the tree will be upside down) and flip it over! They are so cute, I want to make a hundred of them but that might ruin the effect...}

{This paper garland is store bought. It was $7 and for the hassel of trying to make it, I just bought it because it was on clearance at West Elm. I love the mix of pink and red. :) You could easily fold paper and sew it yourself though.}

{So here it is! I am still hoping to fill the fireplace with candles and do a little more work on the hearth, but the mantle is done! I love the modern, sparkly, bright, clean feel of it all!}

Next up, the tree! I grew up with real trees my whole life and I am embarrassed to admit that I bought a fake tree-gah! It was cheap and a good size and seemed a little easier for my first time around. Either way, I simply LOVE having a darling little Christmas tree with twinkle lights. :)

{Here are some of my favorite ornaments.}

{The tree! More favorites on the left. I am planning to wrap a bunch of fake boxes to put under just for fun, and I still need a tree topper. :)}

Is your house all decorated? What are some of your favorite decorating items for Christmastime?