5 day timelapse video-Waldo Canyon

This is an stunning piece of creative media made about the Waldo Canyon Fire. It's hard to watch but unbelievably dramatic and tragically beautiful. It is 16 minutes long but worth it; just before minute 7 is the Tuesday night flare up from the 65 mph winds...


Aspen-Around Town.

 A few shots I took around town during the weekend. I must say that if you take all the wealth out of the mix, Aspen is an incredibly charming town. Unlike some of the other ski resorts, it has fiercely maintained a small town feel with very few things changing throughout the years. They are very oriented to community and are proud of their history. The money that floats in and out (seasonally) influences parts of it but, surprisingly, many components of the town are quintessentially 'small mountain town' characteristics. I loved that about it. :)

busy outdoor restaurant patios

beautiful kilim pillows at the farmer's market


the gardens were gorgeous!

Hunter Creek

loved this patio! great place for morning coffee!

We stumbled onto a pet adoption fair...almost brought this sweet girl home! she was darling!!

It was in the 80's most of the time we were there, which is fairly warm for that altitude. All of us were using sunscreen and drinking water like crazy to stay hydrated...but apparently we weren't the only ones that were hot! :) This golden retriever was just sitting in the creek...ha.

Summitt Mountain Hike

 We had a little time on Friday morning to do a small hike up Summit Mountain! The views were incredible!

looking down onto Aspen

beautiful aspens!

Aspen Food & Wine-Rooftop Parites

the historic front

the entire house-the lower right portion is a commercial space attached to the home.

Richard was the property manager and was absolutely incredible. he knew everything that was going on; he was extremely professional and helpful. We loved him!

another view of the front-retail space

happy that the parties were a big success!!

very full rooftop

the white tents in the background are where all the tastings took place. Aspen Mtn in the background, of course.

we hit capacity on the roof and had people waiting in line for others to leave, in order to get up to the space!

Aspen Food & Wine-Misc/Install Photos

narrow spaces to fit big trucks

our amazing install guys - Kirke and Mark

hot and tired but happy!

look at this awesome tan line...HA!


Aspen Food & Wine-AFTER

 Here it is! The final product. :)

half of the penthouse deck
{Sadly, I forgot to take a picture of the other half that had a beautiful table/chairs. :( }

Ok, here is the overview of the rooftop...

I will walk around the rooftop in the same orientation that I did the "before" pictures, entering the space via the stairs.

On your right when you walked up the stairs was this little vignette with our gift bags and the green outdoor chair we gave away. This chair is made from 100% recycled plastic and is virtually bulletproof. Even in our strong CO sun, it doesn't fade or break down.

{Side note: we couldn't believe our eyes when we first got to Aspen because the colors associated with the whole Aspen Food & Wine event (i.e. branding, volunteer stuff, signs, etc...) were these exact shades of blue/green! We were so giddy and thankful for this blessing!}


Directly in front of you at the top of the stairs was this sun bed. 78"sq of stainless steel frame...the fact that this made it through those doors and tight turns is a complete testament to our very skilled and experienced delivery guys. I woke up in the wee hours of the morning on more than one occasion over this piece.



the black square on the stand eventually held an outdoor tv on it!
the little niche at the front/center was built out as a cocktail bar which is why it is empty of furniture.


 Overall, we were really happy with how everything turned out. We planted several grasses in our steel planters and did these tabletop succulent trays/bowls. It added a nice layer to the space, making it feel personal. I will post some fun install photos and photos from the parties up there so you can see all the people.
Thankfully, and by God's grace, all of our contacts at Aspen Magazine and Aspen Associates Realty Group were extremely pleased with the presentation. We couldn't have had a better first experience at this event!