Color Kaleidoscope.

The summer was filled with colorful inspiration! It seemed as if soooo many products, living spaces and fashion pieces were saturated with bright mixes of color. Sounds like a dream. :) Here are some of my favorites!

I hope the summer brought you a kaleidoscope of colors in sunsets, summer parties, and travel!


International Defense 7's

A couple weekends ago, Sister came up so we could go watch rugby at Infinity Park! I had seen an ad for this tournament in the local paper (yes, I'm old fashioned and I love to read real newspapers!) and we thought it would be a fun way to learn a little more about such a unique sport! Tickets were cheap and we spent an entire beautiful Saturday watching rugby matches; why not?!

photo credit: infinity park website
*all photo credits to Sister!*

This was a military tournament called International Defense 7's. Normal rugby is played with 15 people on each team but in Defense 7's, there are only 7 people on each side and the play time is much shorter. It makes for a lively game and we got to see lots of them because they were so quick!
This particular military tournament has never been held off a military base...so this was a pretty special thing. All the US military forces were there (Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, Marines) as well as the British Royal Air Force, British Army, French Army and Australian Army. It was pretty fun to listen to accents and see the cultural personalities play out on the field.


We had a blast, learned a lot about rugby and officially have no desire to play on any women's team-ha! I don't know how those girls do it!