Winter Mantle Update and a Bed!

I have had an empty canvas in my stash since Christmas and stumbled onto a metallic geometric print that inspired me; so I made my own! I love the modern Navajo feel of the whole thing...

I am also SO happy to have a bed! I have had a mattress on the floor of my bedroom for 9 months and spent many hours pouring over websites and my budget :) trying to find the magic combo for the space. I stumbled onto this bed only a few days ago and just today, I discovered it was on sale. To top it all off, I was unexpectedly given a coupon (expiring tomorrow) for it too!
I love that it is grey, modern and upholstered. I initially thought it might be a little lower to the ground than I wanted but now that it's all put together, I think it's perfect. :) So thankful for the blessing of a bed!

More pictures to come as I pull together bedding, art, etc... :)


Girls Weekend 2013: New Years in Colorado!

It's that time of year again! Girls Weekend! We kicked off 2013 with a quick rendezvous in Colorado.   

-Loving all these sweet, little girls: Clara, Leena and Emery!-

-What a joy to see these girls become friends like their mamas. :)-


-Many of my friends have little ones now, so Auntie Em decided it was time for a 'kids corner' in the apartment! :)-

-Some loot from Goodwill to add to the stash!-

It was wonderful to watch my friends, as moms. They love their girls well and motherhood has added a new, amazing dimension to our friendships! Thanks so much for flying in, Sarah and Joanna!

Misc Photos!

Some miscellaneous photos to share!

-annual Christmas photo at church-

-our friend, Beth, was able to come with us on Christmas Eve!-

-Sister with some of the kids in Old Fangak-

-Sister standing next to the generous donation of Samaritan's Purse which will help them to recover from the clinic fire on Christmas Eve. This delivery was a miracle from God!-

-an update to the mantle for the rest of winter: whites, metallics and greens!- 

-the jeweled branches, mercury garland and sweet little bird were all gifts and fit quite perfectly!-

-another cute little birdy!-

 We got a snowstorm in Denver yesterday...all day! It is very, very cold and feels so wintery right now!

CO is the place to be!

The month of December was full of out-of-town visitors!

Just before Christmas, Andy and Janelle came to visit! They spent a couple days up in Estes Park (just in time for a Colorado snowstorm, too!), and then stayed with me for a few days. It was wonderful to catch up on what the next chapter in their lives holds and show them my life in Denver.

-here we are taking a quick tour of the showroom-

-out to a yummy, Thai dinner!-

Just after they left, Maren and Jeremy came for a Colorado Christmas with her family! These two are a constant source of wisdom and now they have a sweet, little boy Josiah!

-those cheeks!-

Such a blessing to see all these dear friends!