Maine-Adventures in Acadia National Park

Day two of our Maine adventures included 2 hikes in Acadia National Park! I have to say, it's absolutely stunning there. Lush foliage, rich colors and of course that perfect mix of 'mountains' and water. Very refreshing to be out hiking!

{Aunt JoAnne and Uncle Craig}

{Sister and I}

I always try to take a jumping picture when I'm at a beautiful spot or on top of a mountain. We had many failed attempts but I just love this shot because neither of us can hold back the laughter-ha. It's quite amusing, coordinating the timing of the jump.

Second, we went on a 'Ladder Hike'. This was a much steeper hike with sections that required climbing up steel ladders. I have never been on a hike like that before-pretty cool and quite a workout!
{Stopping for a break mid-hike!}

{see how steep it is??!}


{we made it!}

 Here are the kitties back at the cabin. The Who is on the floor and Max is keeping watch (with glowing eyes!) on the stairs.

We went into Bar Harbor that night to the Reel Pizza Cinerama! It is such a fun movie theater that serves pizza while you watch; each row of seats has it's own table too! I didn't get any good pictures unfortunately but it sure was a fun experience.

Later, we wandered around Bar Harbor a bit more. Coastal towns are so charming at night!

Next up, whale watching and lobster eating!


Maine-A visit to the cabin

This past weekend Sister and I went to Maine to visit Aunt JoAnne and Uncle Craig at their cabin! It was such a fun trip and I have lots of photos to share!

{first stop, Boston. we hopped straight into the car with Aunt JoAnne and headed north for Maine!}

{next, we took a coffee stop at LL Bean headquarters. The campus is huge with 4 or 5 buildings full of everything that represents Maine and the outdoors. Pretty amazing!}

{cute moose!}

We got in late that night, had dinner and headed to bed. The next morning, we started the day at the farmer's market! There's nothing more inspiring than fresh, local food and flowers. I love being out with other from the community in a setting like this!

{Look at those lilies!}

{cute tote bags made out of coffee bean sacks!}

{colorful chard!}

{purple carrots, too!}

The cabin is on Mount Desert Island which is also the home of Acadia National Park. Bar Harbor is also there, which is a popular tourist destination. The land you see across the water in the picture below is mainland Maine.
{this is the view from the cabin!}

{down on the shore during high tide}

Back in the day, the Rockefeller's used to come here to vacation. Around the island there are lots of 'carriage roads' where they would drive through to enjoy the scenery. This was during a time when 'rusticators' used to come up here from large east coast cities for vacation. Here's a link to some history about them.

{they built all these beautiful bridges}

{Bar Harbor for lunch. A cute little inn.}

{love her!}

Maine is know for a number of things: lobster, blueberries, LL Bean, etc...
{Also, Whoopie Pies! Yum!}

{Bar Harbor}

After lunch, we came back and headed out in the kayaks! I love being on the water...it's so relaxing!
{this is shore at low tide}

{Sister and Uncle Craig are carrying out the kayaks!}

{we've never kayaked together before!}

{pretty light at sunset}

{Aunt JoAnne made blueberry crumble for dessert!}

A great first day! More pictures to come...