Colfax Half Marathon -May 2013

I'm a little overdue posting on a lot of things...the first of which is the half marathon I ran in May! I ran the Colfax Half Marathon and had a lot of fun...the crowd was great, lots of people cheering along the way and it started/ended in City Park! We got to run through the zoo for about a mile at the beginning which was pretty fun. :)

I signed up for it in January to give myself a reason to train in the winter. They ask you at registration if you want race insurance in case you aren't able to complete the race...it guarantees your entry fee will be returned to you. I chose not to get that because it would be an easy excuse not to run it. Well, I had grand visions of training, none of which came to pass-ha. I literally ran 3 times from January to race day-whoops. I was really nervous about how the race would go and my goal was to just not walk.

God was gracious and I finished with a time 4 minutes faster than my personal best. It was a gorgeous morning, there were tons of people cheering along the way and I am really thankful I didn't have to walk!

Sister came up to cheer me on! (photo credits are hers!)

{the gorgeous morning} 

{this is my yoga friend, Britany}


{City Park}

{love her!}


{here goes nothing!}

{what a gorgeous location to start/end a race!}

{so happy to be crossing the finish line!}

Thankful for the health to run!


Chautauquah, Boulder, CO

Today, I had nothing really planned. I am coming off a busy two weeks (or 6 months, rather) and couldn't think of anything more pleasant than being by myself in the mountains...so, I drove up to Chautauquah to get my hike on. It's right outside of Boulder, making the drive easy and providing an abundance of lunch choices afterwards!
Another beautiful summer day here in Colorado. It's amazing what big mountains, open sky and fresh air do for the soul.

*Note: this is not a hike for the faint-hearted.*


Aspen Food and Wine 2013 - Part 2

Now for the work part. We used the same style of furniture as last year and generally the same layout and it worked really well for circulation. It's amazing how many people fit up onto this rooftop. I ended up switching some layers (umbrellas, pillows, plants) to keep it fresh.
This rooftop is 1800 sq ft on the top of a $21.5 million house-yikes! It's amazing what a lovely space we have the chance to work in...out of this world.

{that's Aspen Mountain in the background-stunning!}

{the florist we partnered with did a fantastic job blending right into our look}

{this was the main centerpiece...i love that she did succulents and it matched our trays!}
{Paul, Heather and I}

{We were able to go to the Top Chef party which is one of the best the whole weekend! Everyone was there. :) Gail Simmons, Marc Murphy, Ted Allen, etc...it was a dream.}

{this is Viet. He is my favorite contestant on the Food Network Star reality show right now! So fun to meet him...we saw him several times throughout the weekend; he is very humble and very cool!}

{photo booth!}

{this is from the rooftop. Grand Tasting Tent is right in front with Aspen Mountain as the backdrop.}

{most of the parties were hosted by Aspen 82, a broadcasting network up there. various chefs and liquor companies would sponsor the party food and drink.}

{there is a fully built out kitchen up here and a hot tub}

{goofy glasses :) }

{we matched without even planning it!}

{this is Richard. he is the property manager and we worked with him last year too. absolutely wonderful and professional and awesome.}

{Aspen Peak Magazine hosted a party and wanted a special look, so we coordinated our orange pillows with all their florals and signage.}

{they hired a string quartet to come play. it was a much more formal party than most of the other ones for the weekend. it turned out pretty gorgeous because it was sunset, Rose Wines glowing in the dusk light and warm orange accents.}

 {last day in Aspen :( }

It was absolutely gorgeous and a wonderful weekend. I love Aspen!